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Please report the DA number of the model in question, using the contact form found at the following URL:

Occasionally, server problems or high access volume can cause connection problems.
In the event that you experience ongoing connection problems, you may have been banned for violating the terms of use.
While such bans may be lifted after a number of days, detailed rules about lifting will not be posted.
If your question was not answered here, please use the contact form found on the official website.

Just copy & paste the desired model’s DA number into the box at the top right corner of Design Doll, and the model will be automatically downloaded.

In order to upload to Doll Atelier, you must use Design Doll.
You can download Design Doll at the following URL

The images here may be used for facilitating the creation of non-commercial and commercial illustrations.
Please refer to the terms of use for a listing of forbidden uses.